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DevRel and the Rise of AI
Developer Relations is a field that's always had difficulty finding a specific definition.
Influencers and the Lies We Tell Ourselves
Are DevRel Practitioners "influencers"? Probably not - but is that such a bad thing?
Maybe You Don't Need an Ambassador Program
We've heard it again and again - "WE NEED AN AMBASSADOR PROGRAM"! This often accompanied by a half-baked plan that is focused on top of funnel activity that benefits the marketing team or sales folks or even recruiting, but not the community.
DevRel is the Punk Rock of Tech
Sometimes, there is something so much further outside the mainstream that it’s practically from a different planet.
The Value of Recursive Content
Creating content can be difficult. How do you balance keeping it fresh and up to date with not reinventing the wheel with every piece. Stretching content as far as possible is the key to success.
Measuring Up: Metrics in Developer Relations
One of the most common questions in the Developer and Community Relations industry is how to measure success. What OKRs and KPIs should be used for a DevRel team? How does a Community Manager show true growth? What stats are important when it comes to a Developer Advocate?
End the Pointless DevRel "Test"
Code tests have, unfortunately, become a normal part of the developer candidate hiring process. Now it's leaking into DevRel hiring - and it shouldn't.
The Journey of Josh
Creating a great team takes enthusiasm - that's what Josh Software was built for!
3 Ways Community Can Benefit Your Team
Why should we create a good community around our products? Does it help to make the company grow? Does it benefit sales?
Smart Contracts: Execution & Examples
Smart contracts digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation of a contract, allowing you to exchange money, property, or anything of value in a transparent, conflict-free way.
Tutorials: Make Your Product Easy to Access
Do you want your well-designed products to be popular? Tutorials work as a guide to direct the customers to your product, lead them to experience it, and solve potential problems they may have.
Building More Completely with the Right Tools
Entirely new business opportunities now exist in the blockchain space - we identify the four key pillars that comprise the Distributed Application (Part 2)
Building with Distributed Applications
With every new generation of technological infrastructure, the changes start at a very low-level and ripple outwards, soon reaching an inflection point wherein the technology explodes, transforming the very way that business is conducted globally.
Responsible Software Development
It’s about what you build serving a need & solving a problem. Does what you’re doing help a situation? Does it work for the humans using it?
The Thing About Code Tests
One of the most common deciding factors in many modern tech interviews is the code test. But...who does it really serve?
DevRel & Dev Marketing…they aren't the same thing
The world of Developer Relations is often in a state of change. The industry has many takes, but most boil down to relating information, communicating with developers and practitioners of specific technologies, and spreading the information on technologies and philosophies moving toward the cutting edge.
What Ever Happened to the Meetup?
There’s a tremendous amount of value in the meetup. Small audience, great interaction, the ability to touch a small part of a community for low or nearly no cost.
Good Enough: The Enemy of Innovation
For years, the web and mobile application development has rooted itself in the idea of pushing things forward, building a better world for the people living in it.
When a Conference Isn’t a Conference
I see many different things at different conferences but there’s one thing I’ve noticed more than ever this year. Most conferences aren’t pushing anything forward.
Community and The World of Tech
There are many parts to DevRel. There’s the exciting traveling and speaking, being on stage with really smart people in really cool places. There are the parts people don’t see, developing applications that may never see the light of day, that proof of concept or for demo purposes.